Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Here's an update on Phil that I got yesterday.

Hi everyone - I didn't get back up to the hospital until the afternoon, but there wasn't much change. They had to increase his medication a bit to keep him under cause he's moving around a bit more. The meds that keeps him under ran out as Karen and I were there and he opened his eyes and wiggled his toes for me and squeezed my hand - the more he became awake with the tube still down the throat and restraints on his hands, I could see the questions in his eyes and panic setting in before he went under again. I'm hoping tomorrow they can take the breathing tube out and we will deal with bringing him up to date with what has happened to him and we can get back to putting up with that personality we all love for some reason. Take bets on how long it will take me to say "quiet Philip!" I can't wait! Love, Di

They still have him in sedation so I am going down to be there today. Please pray for wisdom for us as we try to work with the doctors to determine the best care for Phil. Also please pray for the hospital staff that they have wisdom to do what is best for Phil. Thanks all. We all really appreciate your prayers.


toni said...

Praying for Phil's continued recovery.

melody said...

Still praying for Phil's recovery. Take care.