Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The cornrows are in and the reviews are mixed. I have heard "slap me some skin!", I have been told they look good. I do have to say that I did get an education into the world of cornrows.
When my sister made the appointment they told her 2 1/2 hours for my hair and to get her hair colored it would be 2 hours. It is the Professional Hair Design School so there is a major discount since we are what the students are learning and practicing on.
I soon figured out that it was not going to be a mere 2 1/2 hours, (boy was I naive!). By the time my sister was done with her 2 hour dye job and was getting toward the half way mark. The total time was 4 1/2 hours of someone yanking on my hair. My kids hate it with the exception of Rara who says it's not too bad. Dad and one of my dad's employees who knows the family thinks that I look like Bo Derek. My dad's wife says I should take it our NOW because it makes my head look fat.
I am not going to keep it in too long. It is itchy, driving me nuts that I can't wash my hair well, and tighter feeling than I expected but I will go to church with it in anyway. At least it is Wacky Wednesday for the kids so I can just say I dressed up for it. Knight is undecided on what he thinks or wants to be kind. He thinks I should leave it in for up to a week, but he doesn't like the feel of this compared to my normal hair.
Live and learn. I am glad I did it once and I have to thank Gina for that! So here are the picts...

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toni said...

They look great, De. My mom taught cosmetology for 20 years and owned her own shop for more than 10. Know what she'd say? Enjoy them for a short period of time, then get rid of them. Why? Because the natural oils your hair needs to stay healthy (non-brittle) cannot distribute well through the braids. The result is damaged, dry hair.

But honestly, I think you look fab with them. And Kudos for trying something fun.