Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It is finally rainy and cold here. Not enough rain, but I can still justify being inside all day cleaning. Well, not all day. J-Bell had a school band concert. You know I wouldn't want to miss that!

So pretty much all day I have holed myself up in the classroom. I am putting away the school books since I won't be needing them anymore this school year (yeah!!!), putting some books away that have gotten out of place, and finishing organizing the library.
My goal is to get through the classroom completely by June 1. That means sorting, organizing, and tackling the closet and file cabinet.
All the pictures are of my 4 bookcases after I donated, threw out, and packed away the ones I don't wish to have available at my fingertips. Picasa even cut off two shelves of one of the bookcases when it made the picture grid.
Can anyone guess what my passion is? I have way too many books and yet if I go to a garage sale or goodwill I find myself going through the books. Yes, I have a problem. So here I am to say, Hi. I'm De, and I'm addicted to books!


Amy said...

Oooh! I see Childcraft encyclopedias! I loved those from when I was a kid and bought my kids a set too, but they weren't quite as addicted to them as I was. I wish you could see my mom's books...she could open her own library!

KarenW said...

There's no such thing as too many book shelves! I'm always running out of space.

melody said...

I'm impressed. Are you for hire? As a homeschooling family we have the same book issue, never can pass a book sale without buying more and more and more. Looks great!