Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...

Here are thirteen things that I want but for various reasons I can't or don't have

1. A tattoo the length of my spine. (I don't have any tatts)

2. A Palm Pilot

3. A MP3 Player

4. A Ski boat

5. A house on the river to ski on

6. Plane tickets (see last Thursday)

7. A landscaped yard (I hate weeding, dirt, and waiting for things to grow. Landscaping is something I don't even attempt)

8. Someone to build me my table that I am going to attempt to build soon

9. The real tools to build this table (so I don't have to make due)

10. A hobby farm

11. A clean house

12. A house with insulation

13. For my kids to stay the ages that they are. They are getting too big too fast. With no teens, no diapers. This stage is perfect.


The GateKeeper said...

I'm too scared to get a tattoo, though I would love a rose on my ankle. Ouch! My garden is growing though and unfortunately, like your kids, mine keep growing. Sigh. Love the list. Mine will be up a an hour or so. It's taking me all day. Arrrgh. Have a great Thursday.

tomi said...

I'm a dork. I read your list in reverse order so I misunderstood #5. I thought, "Why does she want to ski on her house by the river?"

Toni said...

The tattoo thing really surprises me! I would think that would hurt. A LOT!

melody said...

OK, the tattoo surprised me, too. I hope we'll get to see photos of you in action building that table. And if you figure out the "clean house" one let me know. With these boys it is a never ending battle.