Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Knight and I broke down and purchased what we thought we would never purchase.

We were planning to go to Action City yesterday because it was supposed to rain. It's expensive but fun. It is hard to spend a lot of money on it because you have nothing but pictures in the end, but we were wanting some family fun.

We decided to give the kids a choice. Action City, or a new family toy. They chose the toy.

So Knight and I went and bought it. Me and the 3 smaller kids spent the afternoon putting it together while Knight and J-Bell loaded truck. Since J-Bell was the one who loaded truck she was the first one who was able to use it.

I had trouble sleeping last night because I am so sore after putting it together but it is worth it. The kids played all evening until bedtime and then were up two hours earlier than normal and back playing.

Wondering what it is yet? It's our new...

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melody said...

OMG, my boys would just love you to pieces! I'm still holding out...fear. Of course, a trampoline is probably way safer than most of the things they jump on and off.