Thursday, May 03, 2007

I was tagged by Toni at In the Midst of this Season for another meme! She has a great writing style and is one of my daily reads.

Here's how it works, I’ll write 10 facts about me and/or habits of mine.- I’ll tag 10 people.- If you’ve been tagged, you do your own list and tag 10 more people. (”No tag backs.”)

1. If I want to develop a habit in my, I use a reward system. My one right now is "No blogging before Bible". This forces me to get into my Bible and Bible study first thing in the morning. I don't break these rules.

2. I will not leave my house without showering even if I just have to run to the store and pick up something for a project that will make me dirty. I shower, go to the store, get dirty, and take another shower. When I am home all day, I may not take a shower until the afternoon or evening but I get one in.

3. I like people, hate crowds. I love to talk, but only to people I know well. I would rather be in a crowd of strangers than in a crowd of friends. Figure that one out.

4. I don't really think more than 6 months into the future. I don't have long term plans and goals. I do have some thoughts into what I want to do when the kids leave, but I don't think very often of that at all.

5. I can not think of one person that I have a grudge against. There have been people that have hurt me, but I don't spend energy into thinking bad about them. This has taken some time.

6. I love to be involved with things but I hate to be a leader. I would much rather help out and nobody know. I don't even want public credit given, ever. I rarely volunteer, but I love to be asked to help.

7. I was born in Brindisi, Italy and have lived in San Antonio, TX-- Crete, Greece-- Panama City, Florida-- Tacoma, WA-- Las Vegas, NV-- and a couple places in WI. We always came back to WI between places so home is my Grandma and Grampas' house. It has this smell. Not of old people, but this totally unique smell in her garage that all of us cousins know well, but Grandma has no idea what we are talking about.

8. I met my husband at a family get together. We are not related in the least, but we do have mutual first cousins.

9. All of my and 3 of Knights grandparents are still alive. My kids know most of their great grandparents, all of their grandparents, all of their cousins, and all of their aunts, and all but one of their uncles. He is now their uncle (married my sister) but they live far enough away that they have not met him yet. We have been truly blessed. They even know a lot of their 2nd cousins and great aunts and uncles.

10. I listen to the radio in the car, but at home I listen to Fine Tune most of the time. At fine tune you make a play list with the songs you pick (45) and they play them at random.

Now I tag...
1. Molly at Doodles from Dahls because she completely ignored a previous tag
2. Kris at Lessons from Kris because she hasn't been assigned much to blog lately
3. Jen at The Work Site because she hasn't been blogging regularly (again)
4. Melody at Slurping Life because I always love to here what she has to say
5. Amy at Laughing Through the Tears because she loves meme's
6. Laura at Busy Bees because she is a new blogger
7. JoGirl at Can we Build it because I love her
8. Desti at Destiny's Discoveries because she is the one mostly devoted to her blog
9. Keri at Plans and Providence because I don't talk to her enough (I need to see if she is still alive)
10. Karen at For Such a Time as Now because I like her blog

Happy Blogging!


toni said...

Doesn't think more than 6 months into the future. Kindred spirits, you and I. ;)

Keri said...

There. I'm alive...I'll call you!

Toni said...

Number 8 made me laugh! Glad you clarified that! I really need to take a page from your book and start doing #1. I am horrible when it comes to the computer!

KarenW said...

Thanks for tagging me! My list is done so please stop by when you can.

Amy said...

I've been trying to play catch up and just saw you tagged me for this. I am sorry I didn't see it sooner! I will get busy on mine.

I love #9. We come from big families and it is so great to have most of them so close to us. Unfortunately our grandparents have been passing away. My kids only have two grandmas now, but praise the Lord the rest are in Heaven and for that we are thankful!