Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Today we went on a spontaneous field trip. One of Knights accounts told him that the Lake Sturgeon were running and we could go see them in a town about 35 minutes from our house. Knight called me and I loaded the kids up and headed out. We didn't know it would be so difficult to find but we did find it.
So we went down this dirt road into the dead end, up a hill, through a field, down a cliff (seriously) to the river. Then we hiked a little ways but we found it.
I have never been to a fish run. It was really neat. The fish were about 4 feet long (at least the ones we saw) and doing their best to get up the rapids. Very cool. There was even a DNR warden handing out fliers on the Sturgeon so we could learn more. I asked her how long it lasts and she said 24 hours. We made it just in time. The really started to slow down by the time we left. I also learned that if you want to take a picture of something under the water you can take a picture through polarized sunglasses. It worked for me. So for the pictures, the brownish one that looks like it has a log in the middle of the picture... that's one of the sturgeon under water.

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amy said...

That sounds like an awesome place to visit..

Thanks for joining the scavenger hunt!!!!