Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm back! After getting back into town and being reprimanded for not updating the blog in so long, here I am with my story of our overnight date!

On Sunday Knight called my dad and asked if he and his wife could take our kids overnight so we could go to the Twin Cities in MN for a date. They rearranged their schedules last minute so they could have the kids. I am so thankful for their willingness to have our kids and that they make us feel like they are happy to do it. Thanks guys!

We booked a room in a hotel that has theme rooms. I had this idea of surprising Knight by going there a year ago but I never did it. They have a deal that for $99 they pick the room. It saves some good money and you still get the theme room. You don't find out what room until you get there but still fun.

They gave us the "Eastern Winds" room. Oriental decorations, a Buddha statue, a whirlpool tub that was HUGE, and a mirror surrounded bed. Overall, not bad. A little tacky. Put the suitcase in front of the fat little man and he can't stare at us anymore. The only thing that was really not my thing was the mirrors. Who wants to roll over in the morning, look up, and see themselves. Yeah, I know other people may enjoy the mirror thing. I am not one that needs to be reminded of my "fluff" while in bed.

For dinner we went out for pizza. Take a quick little trip in the same suburb, add a "highway" that splits from the road and a couple that misses the sign and you end up driving through two more suburbs before going back and finding where we missed the turn. We drove, semi lost for a while, but had no pressing things to do, kids in the back asking where we are, and we saw housing complexes you don't see in these parts. We do find the place and it is well worth the drive. Best deep dish I have had. Ever. If you are in the Cities, find a Divannis Pizza. You will not be disappointed.

In the morning I was awakened by the bath running and the TV coming on. Knight had let me sleep in, at least according to him. I joined the bath, we talked about what we wanted to do. Then the electricity dies. We are in a room with no windows, designed like a cave in a bath so deep you have to crawl on the side of the tub to be able to get down. No stepping gently onto the floor, and no stairs to the tub. Just a two and a half foot high, 18 inch wide tiled wall that I have to get out of in the dark. We get out, get dressed, and figure out what to do. There were a few stores to hit but we were taking our time. Still no electricity. As we go to check our we are able to listen to some woman (she was no lady) demanding a refund because she cannot get ready for the day without electricity. I am sure the hot water still works at least for a little while. But what do I know. We say nothing and the clerk gives us a coupon for $20 off next time.

As we drive out of the parking lot, I look at the clock for the first time. It's 8:30am. I am not a morning person and I am thinking to myself...what do you mean you let me sleep in????

We shopped a little, and found this candy store where we picked up some for the kids. They had dried bugs there. Crickets and larvae. Real bugs. They also had suckers with these little gems in them. Apparently I am naive because I ask what you are supposed to do when you get down to the bug. Eat it. The boxes of dried bugs are really for eating too. Some lady goes into this particular store and buys them out every couple of weeks so she has some for her salads. It adds protein. The bugs is their number 1 seller at the store. Not chocolate. Not Jelly Belly. Bugs. Why not just add chicken to your salad to get protein???

At breakfast Knight noticed the multiple shades of my hair. He had asked me to stop dying a year ago. It was very much two different colors but not in the beautiful highlight way. Think roots. Big time. After looking for a while all he says is "you can dye it if you want." I hear, "Oh, I now see why you dye it. You are right, your natural color is not the best on you. I also see those grey intruders you have talked about. Cover it. All of it. Please!"

We pick up the kids, visit for a while, get home, and then I run out and get hair dye. My hair is back to boxed perfection, we are home, and I have caught up on the blogs.

I'm back. Paradise.


molly said...

Oh, did that sound fun- electric outage and all! I've got to get the name of that place from you... I can sense an identical outing in our future... after all, if we can't travel out of country at this point in our lives, why not do it through themed hotel rooms!?
Fun. Talk to you soon?

Amy said...

I love the themed rooms! My hubs planned a romantic weekend for us one time and we stayed in a jungle themed room, but it was not tacky in the least. I have seen some very tack ones before! It's nice to get away with your spouse, isn't it? And I think it is so important for a marriage too, no matter how strong it is.

I'm glad you had a great time and I'm glad you are back..I know I'm not the best commenter, but I do stop by to see how you are doing!

toni said...

>>>and then I run out and get hair dye. My hair is back to boxed perfection<<<

Oh fer silly! I too need to get some boxed perfection in order.
Sounds like you had an adventure to add to the memoirs.