Thursday, May 24, 2007

Driving around yesterday doing erands the kids and I got into a conversation about snow, rain and the drought summers we have experienced for the last few summers.

We have seen the crops dry up, useless. We've seen the maple leaves turn color in August for lack of rain. We have only had to mow our grass maybe a total of 5 times for the summer. It has been bad.

I let them know that some of the farmers were going to loose their farms if we had another bad summer like we've had. As we were driving we looked at the freshly plowed fields and you could tell that even the dirt was way too dry. There have been rumors of rain in the past couple of weeks but it always seems to miss us or just sprinkle a little.

As we drove around in the sunshine J-Bell decides to pray for rain. I have seen God prove himself to my children through their prayers and thought "I guess it will rain soon."

We finish up, get home and I start working on the front porch putting new intertubes in the bikes. Within an hour of coming home we get rain. Not a quiet drizzle, a downpour that causes the road to have two rivers running by our house, and the kids taking all their treasures in the basement in case a tornado forms in the storm. The storm let up, but the rain did not. This morning it is still raining.

I love to watch the Lord become more and more real to my kids.


toni said...

So awesome, De.

melody said...

Could I borrow J-bell? For just a little while? What tingling story.