Saturday, May 05, 2007

This is what you would have heard if you were at my house this morning...

Desti-Mom, do people really like Reddi whip on waffles?
D-Can we try it?

Then Desti, Rara, and J-Bird sit down with their waffles deciding they like syrup better.

Rara and Desti go up to shower and get cleaned up for the day. J-Bird is still looking for more food...

J-Can I have some Reddi Whip?
M-No, we don't need to eat that plain.
J-Can I have a piece of cake then.
M-No. Cake is not something for breakfast. Did you forget that we are trying to make healthier food choices?
J-Oohhh, yaaah. I forgot!
M-We have apples in the fridge...
J (coming back out from the kitchen after looking for a healthier snack) Can I have a Little Debbie snack?

I think I should work harder teaching the food pyramid.


Toni said...

I would rather have the Little Debbie than the apple too!

toni said...

>>I think I should work harder teaching the food pyramid.<<

LOL! And this sounds exactly like a conversation that my Olivia would engage me in.