Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This weekend was nice. Sunday at church we had a service for three of our young men being deployed to Iraq. Beautiful service, lots of prayer for them and their families. Monday we went out and watched a softball tournament, played a little then went to a grill out at a friends. It was a really good time. J-Bird was able to have some "testosterone time" as their were boys to play with. (He's the one in the middle) Overall a great weekend.
Today I am off to get my hair done with my sister. She's getting her hair colored and I'm getting corn rows done. Knight has wanted to see me in corn rows so she is making it happen. I don't know how long I will dare keep it in, but I'll get pictures!


melody said...

Testosterone junky here, love that photo of the boys. Will you be posting a photo of the corn rows? Puhleeeeese.

KarenW said...

Can't wait to see the corn rows! Sounds like a fun summer hairstyle.