Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ok people. Put one hand over your mouse and say with me...

I will not forward emails or post blogs that...

--Have some sob story about a little girl and "every time someone forwards this" the Red Cross is going to take $2 off the hospital bill

--Threaten that now that I've read this I need to re-post it or my account will be canceled. This is the only way to see who still uses this site

--I am not going to believe that anyone will give me a gift certificate just for forwarding an email

--I don't believe luck has anything to do with forwarding emails, no matter how quickly I can click on those 12 friends

--I also don't believe God watches emails to find out who really believes in Him

--I know that the government isn't going to tax my emails no matter how many forwards go out about it

--If you have something to send me, copy and paste it. I don't want to scroll past 156 names on the way to the message

Also, remember it is not a sin to DELETE.

Thank you so much


Toni said...

I totally agree!

Tammy said...

Oh man, can I relate to THIS! You're getting a huge Amen! to all that you said.

Amy said...

AMEN siter girlfriend! You Go Girl! Love it. Hey, I saw where you tagged me for the meme and I did it a couple days ago~I think. Thanks for the tag!

melody said...

Oh dear yes! AMEN!