Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I have proof that I don't need to feel flattered but Knight telling me he loves my cooking. It should make me feel good. At times I have felt pretty adequate in the kitchen.

Until last night.

We went last night to do some merchandising but before that he wanted to run to the grocery store that had Gatorade on sale. The man loves his Gatorade. If he finds it for a dollar for a 32oz he thinks he's doing well. This store has had it cheaper yet. I should have known better from past experience how much he would get. Thankfully he had cash so he was limited to only buying 23 bottles.

Anyway...before that we stopped at Culver's for a bite of ice cream. 1 scoop sundae comes with 2 toppings of your choice. This man has never ordered a sundae from Culver's before. The first thing he saw that looked good was raspberries. But he couldn't just have one topping. No, that would have been wasteful. So he looks at the menu again. Then he spots it. It is his favorite. Reese's pieces. That is what he chose to have for a second topping.

He couldn't figure out why I was gagging watching him eat a raspberry and Reese's pieces sundae. He said it was good. He tried to convince me that they probably sold plenty of that combo everyday.

I don't think I should be flattered that he likes my cooking. Look at what he is willing to eat. Maybe I'm just a food snob.

In other news Esther the caterpillar has gotten huge! Last week when we got her she was less than 1/2 inch. Now it's about 2 inches and she eats tons. We went to find more milkweed for her and found another one. We are waiting to bring it to it's new home.

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Jo Girl said...

Don't knock it! Those topping sound good to me!!