Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sunday Spotlight...

I decided once again to contribute in the Sunday Spotlight. The Livesay Family Blog has been a very interesting read for me. It can be a cute little mom blog. It can be a hiliarious, laugh-out-loud blog. But usually it's a tough read. It is a missionary families blog. They are in the process of adopting their 6th child, and pregnant with number 7! What I love about this blog is that it is REAL. It can be heartbreaking to read. It is filled with beautiful pictures of Haiti, along with truth about how these missionaries are feeling, how they are handling all of the poverty, starvation, and death that surrounds them everyday. They posted this to learn more about Haiti. Sometimes reality is easy to see, but if I keep myself ignorant, I can never grow. Here is a quote from their "blog disclaimer"

We have learned that a handful of missionaries to Haiti, both past and
present are reading the blog. We kind of wish they wouldn’t. That puts imagined
pressure on to have the “right” opinion on the things we see or experience
here.So - I am tossing up another post to clear my conscience and clarify our
position.Here is the thing … sometimes in our journey with the Lord we are at
mountain top places, sometimes we are in deep valleys. Most of the time we feel
God’s perfect peace and provision. But, I am just a normal flake like everyone
else, so sometimes I have days and even multiple days where something that
happens leaves me saying “WHERE ARE YOU GOD????”I would rather have a blog where
I am able to say I am having a day of struggle and of little faith than to lie
and pretend to have it all figured out all the time.I don’t.Something about
people who are all wrapped up nice, and act like they don't struggle, just seems
icky to me. It's not true anyway, they must be faking it.There are tons of
missionaries here that are way smarter and a bunch more faithful than us. They
might totally disagree with some of our thoughts on Haiti and her people. For
example, my thoughts on pride and honesty problems here might offend some,
conversely they might seem understated to others. Someone with ten years of
missionary service will see things differently than I do as a rookie. And that's

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melody said...

What an amazing family. Thanks for posting and the links. I have it marked to read more. I'm behind on all my blog reading. UGH, moving stinks.

Stay well.