Thursday, June 21, 2007

J-Bird is going to be fine. I did end up taking him in because the nurse line said to go. I figured it would just come out eventually. What do I know. When I brought him in guess what they said. It would come out in about 3 days. He seems excited to be on "poop watch". Yeah, he's a boy.
Rara is feeling too well. Yesterday we went on a long walk with a friend hoping to go into labor and Rara was offering to give piggy back rides. She doesn't understand why she can't do some of these things.
In other news...
We have added to our family. We have kidnapped her and have kept her confined in a very small room. She doesn't make any noise, but she is a real picky eater. We have named her Esther. It's Esther because she will eventually be part of a monarchy but she looks nothing like a queen right now. Right now she's a lowly, humble....monarch caterpillar.
She is the tiniest thing. She does seem to be growing very fast. Our only problem is finding milkweed. There doesn't seem to be an abundance of it, and that is the only thing they eat. We will keep you updated on her progress to the chrysalis (cocoon) and into a butterfly.

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