Saturday, June 09, 2007

I spent the day yesterday with two of my friends painting. D had build a room for her son in the basement and had painted the bottom of the wall brown, the top white and had a self adhesive border to put up. The border would not stick on the textured wall, no matter how much extra adhesive they put on it. It was a camo border so we told her that she should paint it. Since we opened our mouths, we had to volunteered to help. We taped, made an outline and painted all day. We were very proud of ourselves. We were just thrilled with how it turned out. Our husbands (Knight and Keri's hubby came down for supper) on the other hand responded with--"Yep, looks good." I don't think they understood how much work and thought it takes to make a realistic looking camo without making it look like a pattern. We did use an overhead projector so we could have a rough idea of what we should have where. And poor Keri is ready to have her baby any day. Can you believe she is smiling in the picture. This is the touchup at 9:30pm. We had to take a couple breaks for lunch and supper so the day was longer than we expected it to take, but I am thrilled with the result. The kids played outside most of the day and so far we have only had to pull of 3 ticks off of the kids. They pulled more while they were there, but the three ticks were found after we were home. Good times, good friends, wonderful adult conversation. I am truely blessed.


Jo Girl said...

Looks great! Good job girls.

Paul and Keri said...

Hmmmm...did I give you permission to put my ugly mug on your blog (wink, wink)? I had a lot of fun yesterday...and I still think it looks good! ;)