Monday, June 25, 2007

I like to consider myself the queen of lazy. Not that I don't ever do anything, but I will take shortcuts, or make shortcuts if at all possible.

I also have not been secretive about this gift. At all.

So when I was just being me, I was surprised to find that Knight found it so amusing he made a comment "if only the blogging community could see you now"

To honor him, I will tattle on myself.

We decided to finally open some college IRA's for the kids. We have been needing to get this done, but have never taken the time to actually go and do it. So Knight found out how much is a minimum for each kid to start with, how much they can put in at one time, etc and we were going to go over and set it up.

Sounds easy enough, right?

First, Knight was the one who got the info. I have a couple questions, major pms, and I need to move some money around so we can just write out a check to open the accounts. We generally keep that kind of money in savings, instead of checking.

I take care of the money thing. Just a couple of clicks of the mouse, look for the checkbook (does anyone actually write checks anymore? Seriously, I actually write maybe 5 a month, and that is totalling all 3 accounts), grab the checkbook and the money part is taken care of.

Then I get to thinking I will probably need their social security numbers. I don't know about you, but I don't have my kids numbers memorized. But I do know where to find them quickly. It is in the closet located behind the schools computer desk. This closet is pure storage with the exception of holding our tv that is behind the mirror. But the folder I need is within sight, about 4 feet back.

This is where I get lazy.

I really don't want to move the entire computer desk, with computer, just to get this folder. But I can't reach it. At least not with my hands. And I can't crawl under the desk because of the design of the desk. What to do...what to do. For some reason I will never know, a spatula thing is sitting next to the desk. (Humph! So that's where it went to.) You know those stupid egg-flipper-over spatulas that nobody needs, or would ever buy. Yeah...Knight thought it'd be great (I don't have trouble flippin my eggs unless I'm using this) so we have one.

Anyway...I figure I can just reach in, grab the folder, bypass the moving of the desk. Perfect. So as I'm reaching in, Knight sees this and can't believe I would go to such lengths. So here I am to let my blogging world know that I truly am lazy. I needed something to blog about anyway. But I just thought I'd share.

By the way, it DID work. I retrieved the folder within seconds, got my info and off we went. We got there and the financial guy was gone for the day but that is beside the point.

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Mommy said...

He calls it laziness, you call it ingenuity.

Work smarter, not harder, right?