Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sixty six years. Today Knights grandparents are celebrating 66 years of marital bliss. I cannot wrap my brain around that. I know it's not that strange. In fact both of my grandparents are still married to their original spouses as well.

We are going down to help them celebrate later today. We have not seen as much of the family as we would like so it should be a good time. We haven't seen our cousins for way too long. For some it's been a couple years. That is sad since most or all are still within a 2 hour drive. Not sure who all will be there.

On caterpillar watch--Esther has made her chrysalis. We checked on her this morning and she was still hanging. An hour later when we went back, she was already done. So much for watching nature at work. The other caterpillar attached itself to the top of the bug barn and then died a day later. I guess that's something else the kids had to learn.

Time to get ready for Grandmas. Hope you all are looking forward to great things in July!


KarenW said...

Congratulations to your hubby's grandparents. 66 years is a very long time! I am looking forward to being unpacked and settled this month.

Amy said...

My grandparents made it to 70 years! Congrats to G'ma and G'pa and may you be blessed with many more!