Sunday, June 17, 2007

We're home! As both of us were discouraged last night, Rara was even more so this morning. They woke her up to draw blood. During that she was just getting to the end of her tolerance and was crying very easy. She was very quiet, tears filling her eyes all morning
Until the surgeon came in and said she could go home. While the surgeon was in the room she was still ignoring everyone but me. Ask her a question and you know that you are not in the same room with her. When she realized that she could go home she totally changed. That great personality came back. She was joking, laughing, making faces.
She's home and doing great. Moving a tad slow, but has already tested out the new sidewalk chalk, played, and has walked up and down the stairs on her own a couple times.
Can you hear her sigh of relief?


molly said...

I heard in Sunday School she was on her way home. We are thrilled for you! :) If you need an hour out of the house call me and we'll go early to pick a bucket of strawberries or something! :)

Amy said...

Oh De, I am so thankful she is home. I haven't been able to make a proper visit in the past few days, but I've been praying for your little one and you. It's very hard to see your child suffering and in pain and not be able to instantly fix it. I try my best to remember that Jesus loves my children even more than I do. Sometimes, I'll admit, I have a hard time believing that's true. I am wrong, I know that.

I'm glad you found my post. Obviously the Lord wanted us both to read it. I read it over and over. I'm struggling with several things right now that almost seem too big for God. Do you know what I mean?

Even though I may not be by everyday, your family certainly is in my prayers.

melody is slurping life said...

Rara, so happy you are home because there truly is no place like home. Take care. :)