Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

It's almost summer (technically anyway) so here are my favorite things about this time of year (not in any particular order)

1. Sitting by the pool, watching my kids get better at swimming and diving. I bring a book. In the last couple of days I have gotten a total of 3 pages read.

2. Mommsons have put up the shade tent and that is a sign that the strawberries are almost ready!! Pick your own or go buy a bucket. Yummy!

3. I can feed my kids something like fruit salsa, strawberry/ rhubarb crisp, or just fresh fruit and call it a meal. Yummy and nutritious.

4. Watching the plants grow and slowly turn into food. The raspberries are looking nice this year. I just need to remember to water them.

5. Actually feeling like I have the time for helping others the way I want. I want to be available all the time, but I do have to keep my priorities a little more in check during the school year so we are taking the time to learn.

6. Camp. I'm not talking about camping. I'm talking about sending the three girls to camp next week and having J-Bird all to myself for a whole week.

7. The river. Mom lives on a river, has a nice boat, and there is a sandbar down river that is like a little private island. You can only get there by boat. Sitting on the boat at the sandbar chatting while the kids play feels like Margaritaville.

8. Planning out the next school year. I know it sounds crazy, but I am already looking forward to the fall and opening up our school year. We need our break, but we are ready to get back to it by the time August comes around.

9. Having the windows open all the time. The price you pay for no air conditioning is you need to have the windows open, but after being shut in all winter, I love to hear most of the sounds the open windows bring.

10. Garage sales. I normally don't shop at them or have them, but it is nice to have something you can do if you so choose. Sometimes it's nice to be able to shop and browse and if you actually find something, it's not that expensive.

11. This is new, but Knight wearing shorts. I nearly made him buy some shorts for work. He reluctantly tried them on, not knowing if he would like them, but I was able to say he did like wearing shorts. It kept him cooler, and I like the look.
12. Sandals. What's to say? I'm lazy and I like it when I don't have to tie my shoes. My feet don't get hot. Easy on, easy off.
13. Skiing. I have really enjoyed watching the kids get good at skiing. We also like tubing. Fun in a boat. Who wouldn't love it?
On a side note--For those who saw her fall, we are still unsure on what is wrong with Desti. I took her into the ER last night because she fell off the monkey bars and landed on a rock that wedged into her skin. The x-rays looked fine, but they put her in a splint just in case. I'm supposed to watch it, and if the pain doesn't subside in a couple days I'm to take her back in. She is still in pain today when we take the splint off and she has full range of motion. Hopefully it's better for camp next week.
Happy Thursday all!

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Paul and Keri said...

I was wondering when strawberry season would begin! I can't wait! Do you want to go picking sometime?

I enjoyed reading your list! Talk to ya later!