Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It has been beautiful weather and we have spent our days at the pool. Rara is getting very good at her diving. She is so good at diving and not so great at swimming. She can swim but not good enough to pass a test for the deep end. J-Bird is trying to learn to dive also. This year has been fun at the pool. Not totally worry-free but I am able to relax some and read a book.

The kids have been also going to VBS in town. They need more kids. Monday my four went with two of their church friends that live in town (the church we go to is not in town). When the kids came home, they let us know that 8 kids were there. Yesterday only the younger of the friends went so they were down to 7. If anyone wants to have their K-6 grade kids come, I'm sure they would welcome it.

Happy Wednesday!!

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KarenW said...

I tried reading a book at the pool the other day but I couldn't get a whole sentence read without, "Watch this, Mommy!"

I hope your kids have fun at VBS!