Saturday, June 16, 2007

We have had visitors. Rara now has new crayons, books, dolls, chalk, bears, night lights, and color books. She has had her hair done, toes painted and has been waited on hand and foot.

Medically things are going well. She has been up and walking, all of the "systems" are back working and therefore she is back on solid food. She was able to order her wish list of foods, mac and cheese, applesauce, and strawberry milkshake. She ate what she could although it wasn't much.

Tonight I finally saw my sign that she's starting to feel fine. Hannah Montana was starting on Disney channel and she sang along with the start of the show. For her not to have any music for a couple days, you know she was feeling poor.

Now she's getting a song back into her heart. It feels good to have her coming back.

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molly said...

I was wondering if she is up to visitors. Is it still looking like Monday? Call me if we could stop up tomorrow. :)